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Welcome to the Accell Property Management Certified Vendor Program!  

Benefits to Your Business as a Certified Vendor include: 

The opportunity to upload marketing brochures and other materials to our secure database. This database is accessed by Accell Property Management Associations. The Association Managers will be viewing your materials and your unique website to enable them to assist their boards in selecting only Certified Service Providers. 

An online registration portal to speed the Certification process and eliminate paper

Accessible, knowledgeable staff who work directly with you and your insurance agent to assist you in meeting requirements and remaining compliant, so you can take advantage of being an Accell Property Management Certified Service Provider.

All Service Providers performing services on Accell Property Management Properties will need to meet the standard requirements and earn the designation of Certified Service Provider. Any company that fails to meet compliance standards may be DROPPED from the list of Accell Property Management Service Providers. 

There are two VALUABLE certification levels that are available to meet your company’s compliance & marketing NEEDS.

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Presenting your company to the Association Board of Directors - Put Your BEST Foot Forward


When you are a Certified Service Provider, it allows all of Accell Property Management’s Managers to be confident in presenting your company to their boards, recommending you as a provider of service. We will require that you first provide appropriate additional insured endorsements specific to each community to which you would like to provide services. Our secure online process makes this easy, so you can provide this information to multiple associations with the click of a button.

The additional insured language on the Certificate of Insurance provided by Certified Service Providers names the specific managed associations and the management company as additional insured.

Certified Service Providers also maintain the contractor’s license for the jobs they perform.

Association Services Network requires that each Accell Property Management Service Providers pay an annual membership fee of $99 to verify that your relevant insurance coverage and licensing meet ALL management company and homeowner association requirements. This is a not a pay to be a Service Provider fee. This is a risk management processing fee.

This fee includes all the Accell Property Management Associations you do work for. There is no additional cost for each additional Accell Property Management Association.

The fee is paid directly to Association Services Network for their Risk Management Services.



In addition to the Certified Service Provider Requirements, an Elite Certified Service Provider’s classification allows all Association Managers to view a company page website with all Certified Service Providers, searchable by name and by service type. This information will allow Association Managers to easily identify you as an Elite Certified Service Provider and present your company to their boards with the knowledge that their associations are already covered by your insurance.

You will also get these other valuable resources to help promote your company on both the Accell Property Management Service Provider Site and your own website:

A special listing on the Association Managers bid list.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resource program that helps maximize all of your company websites.

A Traffic Catcher Website. A single page website to promote your company product and services to Accell Community Management Managers and Association Board Members. If you are a Service Provider without a company dedicated website the Traffic Catcher Website is a MUST have!  Your Traffic Catcher Website will help Association Managers get additional information, so they can quickly decide if they want to utilize your services.

A Mobile website with a QR code. According to Pew Internet, 91% of U.S Adults own a Cell Phone, and 56% of U.S. Adults own a Smart Phone. Over 60% of Adult Cell Phone owners use their phone to access the internet and 49% get directions, product or service recommendations. If your business is lacking a Mobile Website, this ONE feature will help leverage your business and that is why you want to be an Elite or Elite Plus Member.

ASN charges each registering Service Provider an annual fee of $199 for all benefits of the Certified Service Provider plus the added benefits mentioned above of being an Elite Service Provider. This is an annual fee. This fee includes ALL associations you do work for with Accell Property Management. There is NO additional cost for each additional association. The fee is paid directly to ASN Company for their Risk Management services.

Presenting your company to the Association Board of Directors - Put Your BEST Foot Forward 

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